About Dan Wiese Marketing Research

Usable, effective results

Turn to Dan Wiese Marketing Research when you want to learn the practical truth about your situation…the answers that truly help you.

Dan Wiese Marketing Research is one of the most unique firms in the industry. The company’s non-conformist approach makes it one of the most effective and efficient sources of value-added information to businesses across the country.

Dan Wiese employs no one-size-fits-all research approach.   He carefully customizes market research solutions to your specific needs for knowledge.

The first issue Dan Wiese addresses is: How can he solve your problem, understand your opportunity and get the answers you need? Is research needed? If so, how will you use each thing that is learned?  In other words, he focuses the work on your behalf rather than encouraging you to do as extensive a study as possible.

Dan recommends what he thinks you need, choosing from every known research method, including focus groups, mail, telephone, in-depths, multivariate.  Each project is tailored to your needs and no project is too small.  Your information and market insight needs set the agenda.

You’ll get the insights you need today . . .  and the specific, marketing action plan tailored to your business future.  Receive totally objective, unbiased, straightforward advice.  The focus is on your unique business needs and interests.

He focuses all his experience, intellect, heart and soul on your success. The results this can produce are priceless.


This is the 30th year in business for Dan Wiese Marketing Research and Dan Wiese has over 50 years of experience in marketing research.

Dan served as Research Director for CMF&Z Advertising, Successful Farming Magazine  and Popular Science Publishing.  He invented AGTRACK for Chilton Research and was Associate Research Director for Reader’s Digest.

His experience extends across corporate, publishing, advertising agency and independent business backgrounds.

You will find that no one has a broader, deeper background than Dan Wiese. He draws on this expertise every day and it shows in his professional manner.  Put more than 50 years’ experience in every aspect of marketing research at your service.  Get exactly what you need from a true professional.

Professional Recognition:

American Advertising Federation of Cedar Rapids – Iowa City Hall of Fame

Marquis Who’s Who Listings:

Who’s Who in the World

Who’s Who in America

Who’s Who in the Midwest

Who’s Who in Finance & Industry

Who’s Who in Media & Communications

Who’s Who in Advertising


Reasonably Priced

Dan Wiese won’t waste your valuable time and money.  He will help you save time. And these days time is money.

Dan Wiese’s hourly fees are not low. But in all cases he can show you how to save money.  Dan has saved clients thousands of dollars by redirecting their research. When he can point you in the correct direction, you get the answers you need faster and at a lower cost. Dan will save you his fee many times over by the results he will obtain for you.


Good customer service

Dan Wiese is old fashioned and he cares.  He has your interests in mind first.  Have a pleasant experience with marketing research for a change.

His customers attest to the way he conducts his work on the client’s behalf, his thoroughness, his promptness, and his reliability.

“He is personable, knowledgeable and extremely easy to work with.”

“Dan Wiese is compassionate, sincere, dedicated and intelligent.”

“He becomes personally involved, often viewing the situation as if he were the client.”

“Dan’s attentive. He talks to you face-to-face.”

“He got right to the subject matter and focused on what we wanted. He kept to the schedule and the format he used was easy to read.”

“Dan is comfortable, easy to work with and not taken up with himself. There’s no arrogance.”

“He’s very accommodating and easy to work with.”

“Dan is easy to work with. He kept to his schedule and we found him accommodating. We’ve previously worked with other research companies and they were hard to understand. Dan’s presentations and findings were user-friendly.”

Dan Wiese Marketing Research

2108 Greenwood Drive SE

Cedar Rapids, IA 52403




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